Teaching & Learning

Positive Behaviour Support

At Dalwallinu District High School, we support and promote positive student behaviour.

Our MORE values guide our behaviour choices:





Through our Positive Culture Committee, staff create an environment where positive choices are linked to reward activities and events. Staff also work hard to create a positive culture within their classrooms and across the school.

  • We move around the school/ classroom quietly.
  • We are mindful of other’s needs, abilities, feelings, and opinions.
  • Mindful of what we say.
  • Be punctual.
  • Wearing of uniforms.
  • Student work is to be neat and legible.
  • Be mindful of our school VALUES.
  • We have everything we need for our lessons.
  • We fill drink bottles during break times.
  • Our belongings/work are presented & stored neatly
  • We have a hat for outdoor activities and breaks.
  • We are prompt when moving between classes & activities.
  • Toilet during break times.
  • Lining up.
  • We display whole body listening when others speak.
  • We use our manners (please & thankyou).
  • We follow instructions for our own safety and classroom behaviour.
  • We respect ourselves, others & the environment.
  • Equal treatment regardless of race, gender or physical ability.
  • Interact with others in an atmosphere free from harassment, gossiping, mind tricks and violence.
  • Respect, courtesy and honesty.
  • We always have a go.
  • We try our best.
  • We set goals &challenge ourselves.
  • We ask for help when we need it.
  • Model appropriate behaviour.
  • Assist younger students in our school community.
  • Report inappropriate behaviour.