Teaching & Learning


At Dalwallinu District High School, our Year 1-6 Primary classes build on the foundations our Early Childhood programs create.

A range of strategies are used to help develop your child’s understanding of the learning process. Independence and interdependence are fostered and encouraged as students begin to understand the variety of ways in which we learn. Students develop the ability to think in a more abstract manner and undertake sustained activities for even longer periods.

Your child will be given increased responsibility for managing and organising their learning and continue to develop their independent work habits. Students also develop their ability to work collaboratively in groups through planned and meaningful activities that require sustained focus, interaction and decision making.

Activities continue to be integrated across the learning areas with a growing emphasis on ICT skills. Students use laptops and iPads on a regular basis to enhance their skills and awareness of technology as an effective learning tool. Students also become aware of a wider range of sources of information and continue to develop their research skills.